How You Celebrate

This past Sunday I started a new 4 week Sunday School class on the topic of Christmas. We are going to cover the Bible story the next two weeks and finish off by talking about Christmas traditions like Santa and trees. My first session was focused on the idea of Christmas. Why do we celebrate on December 25th? Honestly, we do not know the year, the month or even the day Jesus was born. We have little details about the day Jesus came into the world and yet we celebrate it globally every year.

With every passing year people in Church leadership, like myself, have increasingly bemoaned the fact that it is becoming more and more of a commercial holiday. So I posed this thesis to my class – “How we celebrate Christmas is just as important as who we celebrate.” Jesus may be “The reason for the season” but how we display that truth is extremely significant. Let me ask you a simple question, “Would anyone know you are celebrating the birth of Jesus just by watching you this Christmas?” “What are you doing to focus your life on the incarnation of God this holiday season?”

In the book of Romans chapter 14 verses 5-6 Paul tells the Church that one man can consider every day the same and another can consider certain days special and that is just fine as long as he considers them days set aside “to the Lord.” My prayer is that this Christmas season is set aside to the Lord and that He is celebrated in all that we do.


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