Lessons I Want to Teach My Sons

I have been thinking about my children and all I want to teach them before they leave my house and head out into the adult world. I am unashamedly a Christian and a preacher and these lessons are through the lens of a father, christian and pastor. Maybe they will inspire or challenge you. Here is what I have so far.

– Your life is valuable because God created you and redeemed you, no matter what else happens.
– Think of the people around you.
– Always respond with kind words even when you want to scream.
– Your family is a group of people who love you.
– The Church is a mess, but most people are doing their best to learn and grow.
– The Packers are the closest thing to God’s team 🙂
– There are few truly evil people in the world, most just desperately want attention.
– Love your wife the best you can.
– Don’t attach your self-worth to what you own.
– Hurt people will hurt people.
– No one understands women, even women.
– You will fail, try to handle it with grace.
– Dad and Mom love you unconditionally.
– Following Jesus is hard.
– Be willing to laugh at yourself.
– Laugh often.
– Be Careful, I am always scared for your safety.
– Carry enough cash for emergencies.
– Serving others is better than self-indulgence in the long run.
– Be grateful for everything you have.
– Enjoy the people God puts into your life before they are gone.

I could probably come up with more, but this is what I am thinking about this morning. I desperately want to raise children who will love the Lord and love people. Everyday is a journey down that path and I pray we all end up in a good place together.


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