Lessons I Am Trying to Teach My Church

Yesterday I wrote about my role as a father and today I am thinking about my role as a Pastor. Here are some lessons I am trying to teach other believers in my Church through my words and my actions.

– We are all in this together.
– Serve.
– People will help you if you ask.
– Jesus is more complex than we are told.
– Think of other people.
Your ALL children are watching you.
– God will bring something good from bad situations if you let Him.
– Yes, children are the future of the Church, but you are the present Church.
– Obedience is greater than praise.
– It’s okay for your children not to be involved in every activity at school.
– Senior adults are the greatest asset in any Church, if they will do something.
– God’s grace is sufficient.
– Love is an action word.
– To have a strong Church you need strong leaders.
– Faith needs daily deposits
– People willing to teach are more precious than gold.
– Don’t criticize.
– Church growth is about friends and family coming to Jesus, not just numbers.
– Step out in faith regularly.
– There is a lot of bad theology out there, use your bible and your brain.

Once again, I know there are numerous other lessons I am constantly trying to teach. These are the big recurring themes in my life and ministry right now. I am sure some will adjust and new items will take their place as the Church here grows in the faith and in their number. Hopefully these are lessons that you are currently learning from me, otherwise I might be wasting my time:-)


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