Lessons I am Learning Myself

If you ask anyone who teaches in the Church who learns the most when you teach, most of them would say “I do.” Teaching others usually produces a big step of growth in knowledge and faith for the teacher. It doesn’t matter whether it is your first time teaching or your thousandth time teaching, there is always something that God is teaching you through the process. I am no different. Even after over 20 years of ministry I manage to learn something new every week or at least I get reminded of lessons I learned years ago and have since forgotten. So today I thought I would share a few lessons God is teaching me in my ministry through my current season of life.

– I must force myself to connect with other people. (I am naturally introverted)
– I need God’s grace daily and often hourly.
– My family is my greatest ministry.
– Giving people are an enormous blessing from God.
– The Bible has numerous stories I cannot explain.
– Most people are looking for attention.
– Almost no one cares what you accomplished 10 years ago or 5 years ago or 2 years ago or even last year.
– People who serve are rare and more valuable than gold.
– Love people, no matter what.
– Jesus never ceases to amaze me. He is more complex and wonderful than I learned growing up.
– Laugh often – even at yourself especially at yourself.
– Appreciate your parents
– The Church can occasionally be an ugly place, but it is still the greatest organization for good that I know.
– You must lead yourself before you can lead others.
– Say kind words daily to your spouse and your children and anyone else you come in contact with.
– Children’s ministry is more important than worship today.
– Very little compares to the joy of hearing my children laughing.
– The greatest compliment you can give my preaching and teaching is your obedience to God.
– I am ready for Jesus to return any day now, but I am not quite ready to go and see him.
– God never ceases to show up and amaze me.

Those are just some of the things God keeps impressing on me. What about you? What is God teaching you these day?


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