More Good Reading

I have read several more good blogs lately. I want to share them with you and I hope you enjoy reading

1. Here is the original blog post about “Aging with Zeal.” This is about J.I. Packer’s latest book that I used this as an illustration for my “Up” sermon.

2. Here is a great post about Fallen Pastors and the lessons they teach all of us.

3. If you don’t read Mark Merrill’s blog you are missing out on some great family material. Here are two examples:
10 Ways to Push Your Spouse Away
How to Respond to Hurtful Words in Front of your Kids

4. This is a long story but you have to read about David Murray’s Worst Honeymoon Ever.

5. Here is a great little reminder that God Doesn’t Do Hollywood Endings

6. Chris Elrod is a pastor at an inner city Church in Florida. This story entitled “Then I Noticed Her Shoes” is about some girls and is touching but also an important reminder of the needs of others.

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