Me and My Elders

It has been a long day (and weekend) of moving. We are finally done moving and we are well on our way to being settled. The only work I have done today is to check my email and attend an elder’s meeting tonight. You need to know that this is the first time in all my years of ministry that I have had a great relationship with all of my elders. So after my meeting I thought I would share what makes our relationship work.

1. We care for each other This is the first group of guys who regularly ask me a simple question, “How are you doing?” Most of my elders have been concerned about what I am doing. This group of men really care about me personally.

2. We share with each other . Part of what helps us to bond is that we share what is going on in our lives. We share our struggles and our praises. We spend a large amount of time sharing what is on our heart and mind. Being open and honest builds great relationships.

3. We pray for each other. After we share what God is doing and how we could use support we pray for each other. I feel blessed knowing three men are regularly praying for me.

4. We pray with each other. All of our meetings end with an extended prayer time. We pray for the needs of our Church and all the people who attend. We always pray on Sunday mornings together before worship and then we add our meetings every other week. I feel like I have people who are fighting for the Lord with me and not against me.

God has blessed me with great elders and I am very happy to serve beside them. I am thankful for them and their relationship with me.

One thought on “Me and My Elders

  1. It is not only good for you. We have done church when there is contention among the leaders and it effects the feelings and attitude of the whole church. It definitely makes our church a better place to be when there is unity and harmony in the leadership.

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