Lessons from Moving

My wife and I were married in 1994 and since that day we have lived 7 homes plus we lived with a couple for 6 weeks while searching for a home. This number does not include the six weeks we lived in our car, hotel and with family while we traveled the country looking for a job after college. We have traveled across the country to a new home and across town. We have moved with children and we have moved without children. The move we made this last weekend was one of the easiest we have ever made because our children are big enough to help and we only moved a few blocks across town. All of this moving has taught me a few things about life and my journey with God.

1. Treasure people,travel light. With every move I have become more and more willing to let things go. I am at the point that there is very little I could not leave behind. My joy comes from the people I know and love. I used to spend time thinking about what I would do in case of a fire. What would I take out of the house? What are the most important things I own? My list gets shorter with every move and I know that if I have my wife and kids everything else is replaceable.

2. People can endure anything for a short period of time. While making moves I have slept in cars, lived with 4 children in a strangers house and this time we lived with only 3 chairs and no couches. My family of 6 spent the last 8 months sitting on the floor and on pillows in our living room. My family is so excited that this week we get some couches and all of us will have a place to rest. I know this is a minor thing in the global picture but it reminds me of the big truth that God sustains me through everything.

3. Heaven is my real home. With every move I feel less and less like I have a “hometown.” I do not have strong ties to any community in particular. I have lived in 4 states over the last 20 years and each one has felt somewhat like home. I know I was happy to rest in my own bed each night, but beyond that, they did not really feel like “my place.” As a result I long more and more for heaven everyday. I long for a place in God’s house for me. Jesus went there to prepare it for me and I am excited to finally get there to see it.

I guess these three thoughts have been been linked in my mind because for me they describe life. We travel through life with people enduring all kinds or weird and wonderful things until we reach our home in heaven. Every time I move I am reminded of these truths and I hope they encourage you today.

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