Totally Random Thoughts

I have a list of ideas I am working on for blog posts on my computer. I have another list that I just keep in my head. Unfortunately many of them have never developed into complete articles for my blog. So today I thought I would share some random insights and ideas that I have been carrying around for a while.

1) Music is one of the most powerful tools in the world. It may shape more young people’s minds than books…or anything else. We need to be careful what our kids listen to. Dialog with them about what they listen to. And try and harness music for good. How do we do that exactly?

2) Today’s young people are very interested in social action. My fear is that we are neglecting solid bible teaching to do something for God. There must be a balance between learning, doing and being.

3) I love the quote – “Criticism is easy, kindness is hard.” If you don’t believe me, read the comment section on almost any internet site.

4) Pornography poses more of a threat to the Church than gay marriage. I have worked with 3 people struggling with pornography in the last month. I have worked with 3 homosexuals in the last 20 years. Satan has a way of tricking us into taking our eyes off of bigger issues.

5) Why do Churches worry so much about gay marriage anyway? Especially when people living together is far more damaging to the institution of marriage. Isn’t all sin an offense to God?

6) I have received more criticism for comments I have made about pets than any other statements I have made in my ministry. Even so, I do think we will have to answer to God for the amount of money we spend on animals to the neglect of people.

7) I hate the comment, “You changed too much too fast.” I love the analogy – If you have cancer in your leg would you rather they take your leg off in one surgery or take it off 3 inches at a time over the next 10 years? Either way, you lose your leg – so which is the better choice?

8) The song by the Rolling Stones entitled “Its only Rock N Roll” has some lyrics that connect with me about preaching. The song starts by saying, “If I could stick a knife in my heart. Suicide right on the stage” and then asks, “Would that be enough?” I know it sounds strange but some weeks I share things so intimate to my life it is like I am pouring myself out on the stage. (Cutting myself open, so to speak) I do it so that people will react to the gospel, but it never seems to be enough.

9) Don’t complain about what you get paid to do. If you are a janitor, you should not complain if the kids make a mess you have to clean up. If you are a teacher, you should not complain that the kids are not getting it. And so on. If you are not happy, find another job. I have often wondered why people do this and then one day a guy told me “some people are not happy unless they are unhappy.”

10) THIS POST of 25 pieces of advice for leaders is a great read.

Like I said, these are totally random and very undeveloped thoughts. You may agree or they may upset you, either way I thought they are worth sharing. Maybe you can add to their development or help clarify my thoughts through your comments. Maybe these will eventually become full thoughts and articles that will make more sense. Or maybe I can just hit the delete button and they will be gone after today. Who knows? Thanks for reading my random ideas today anyway.

One thought on “Totally Random Thoughts

  1. Your random thoughts encouraged me to read more blogs which led to more posts that produced more Articles! A wealth of information to explore, absorb and contemplate. Thanks for the nudge.

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