Damage Control

The last two days Adrian Missouri has been hit by hail. On Tuesday the storm didn’t last long but the ice was about the size of a golf ball. It was the largest hail stones I have ever seen personally. On Wednesday the storm lasted several minutes but it was only about the size of a pea. Thousands of ice pellets covered the ground like a winter snow. Both storms have done some damage to homes and vehicles. As a result the last two days the roofing companies are out in full force. One stopped by the Church, I saw one parked on the road side, I was with a person who received a phone call from one and then when I got home there was a flyer hanging on my door. Last night at the Church I was talking to several families and the conversation about possible damage came into each discussion along with which company they had talked with about it.

As with all situations there are two types of people out in these situations. One group is concerned about people. They really do care if the roof is damaged or if there is any way they can help. The other group is only concerned about making a buck. A bad storm is their opportunity to get some insurance money as they drum up business. To me it seems like every bad situation brings out the best people and the worst people at the exact same time. This is not just true of a hail storm in small town USA, it is true everywhere. Any emergency call will have people interested who want to help and another group of people who have less than pure motives. It is ugly, but true.

All this has me thinking about myself this morning. Am I the kind of person people are happy to see when something bad happens? Or am I the kind of person that people hope does not show up? Am I a help or hindrance? Do I bring hope and joy or further people’s pain and suffering? Are people glad to see my car after the damage has happened or do they shake their heads in frustration as I show up? As a follower of Christ, I want to be a part of the damage control team and not the damage spreading team.

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