Your Response

Someone is going to make a mess. It is bound to happen. I do not mean a mess like spilling milk or wearing muddy shoes. I mean they are going to make a mess of their lives. They are going to do the unthinkable, commit some sin and their life will come unraveled publicly.

I wonder what your response will be when it happens.

1. Ignore the mess and the mess maker. Act like it didn’t happen. Look the other direction and not get involved.

2. Criticize the mess maker. Tell them they could have done better and how disappointed you are in them. Maybe not say anything to them at all, but rather gossip to neighbors and friends. Tell people how shocked you are and how you could have handled it better.

3. Laugh at the mess maker. Use their failure to make yourself feel better. Run them down as a way to hide your insecurities.

4. Help clean up the mess. Make a call. Offer an encouragement. Drive them. Whatever it takes.

When someone spills the milk, the right thing to do is obvious. When someone messes up their lives it somehow gets tougher.

What will your response be?

One thought on “Your Response

  1. The thing I would like to think I’d do is to be there for that person. To check on them, offer them grace, and try to pretend like nothing has happened unless they bring up the situation.
    I used to be the person that would gossip and talk behind there back or use their failures to make me look better.
    I have to stay on guard though because my life was built on insecurities, gossip and failure. That is how I was raised. Other peoples mistakes made me feel like I was better than them in some distorted way. If I talked of other peoples failures it took the light off of me.
    It wasn’t until God started removing the log from my eyes, one splinter at a time, that I was able to see how wrong I was.
    Gossip is a trap and a huge sin all in itself and I believe it can be as dangerous as taking a gun and shooting someone.
    We all need to feel gods love and grace and as a Christian if I’d don’t offer that to others then I am just a hypocrite that puts a black mark on Christianity.
    God help
    Me to do the right thing in all situations.

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