Huge Cross

Traveling down the road to my parents house last night I came over hill to see this sight –

Huge Cross

At Effingham, Illinois there is a huge cross that stands beside the road. It has a sign under it that gives the website of You an read the whole story there, but I will say that it was built in 2001 and ended up being dedicated a few days after September 11 and the tragedies of that day.

It is definitely an interesting sight when traveling down highway 70 in Illinois.

The sight of this huge cross did a couple of things for me. First, it stirred some thoughts about the cross. I appreciate that anyone would take the time and money to hold up the cross in the world. Second, I do wonder of the money would have been better spent in other ways. How much mission work could have been with that money? Could a new Church have been started with the money? I am never know about religious monuments like this one.

This morning I am still unsure how I feel about it. One thing I do know, I appreciate the cross of Jesus and the debt paid for my sin, but that is one huge cross 🙂


One thought on “Huge Cross

  1. When we were in Ukraine several years ago, we saw the same kind of thing. The soviets had destroyed or damaged many of their beautiful, historic church buildings. When they gained their independence, they set about to restore many of the old churches. In one case, they started from scratch and completely rebuilt one of their most famous churches that the soviets had leveled. These had to be extremely expensive undertakings and at the same time many of the Ukrainian people were going hungry and not able to provide the most basic needs for their families. I definitely appreciate the restoration of the old churches, for their beauty and the symbolism of the gesture. But I’m not sure I can say if it was the right use of those resources. Not an easy call.

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