Personal Rundown

Well, it has been an interesting few weeks in my life. First I was on vacation, where I traveled to see my parents. Then I was in the office and trying to grind things out. Finally I enjoyed some extra time with the family over the holiday weekend. As a result of all of these things my mind is filled with lots of thoughts to share.

1. Thanks to Adrian Christian Church for the gift for my 1 year anniversary at your Church. Thanks for the flowers for my wife. Your kindness is appreciated!!

2. Yesterday my parents celebrated 56 years of marriage. Congratulations to them

3. Many of you have asked about my dad. He is doing well and improving daily. He still has a long way to go in his recovery but is doing well. Thanks for your prayers!

4. I enjoy the fourth of July celebrations and fireworks, but think that when you have seen one firework you have seen them all.

5. I have strong feelings about patriotic Church programs – THIS ARTICLE – captures some of my feelings.

6. A HUGE Thank You to everyone who helped set up for VBS yesterday. Thank you for giving up 3 hours or more to help!! It is greatly appreciated. I especially thank the Whitaker family for their planning, design work, and creativity.

7. Say a prayer for our VBS this week. Pray for the leaders and teachers and every person that interacts with a child.

8. Thanks to everyone who has shared produce from your garden. It is a great blessing, especially since my first year with a garden has gone very wrong:-)

9. I am still working on the ministry sign up sheets. If you have not been contacted yet, do not be discouraged. My vacation and VBS have slowed progress with some ministries and volunteers, but I am still making progress and will cover it all by August. Please be patient with me.

10. More rain in the weather forecast for here in Adrian. Is anyone else getting tired of this?

11. A new concrete slab has been poured at the Church building. We have made a plan to purchase a very nice basketball goal which we hope to have up very soon. The leadership hopes this will be a place where our young people can play anytime and invite their friends. It will also be a space for any Church activity that needs a flat place with solid dry ground. I am excited to see it used and my boys are excited for it to be ready.

12. I really enjoyed these two pictures. People happened to be in the right place at the right time and caught something special.

raccoon and gater


Thanks for a great first year and I look forward to many more in the future. May God bless you all today.

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