Three Parts of Selflessness

This week I am working with a group of Junior High students during our Vacation Bible School program. They call my young people a “Jr. Mission” group as we spend the week trying to do some minor displays of mission and ministry. For example, tonight we are taking a meal to the senior housing community to try to give them a good home-cooked meal. Tomorrow we are heading to the Life Choice center to help clean and beautify their property. Basically we are trying to teach these kids to be selfless. I hope they somehow grasp the concept that life is not all about them and they can use their life as a blessing and not just as a consumer. My overall hope is that they will learn the three parts of serving and loving others.

1. Say Something – I honestly believe that the greatest tool most of us could use for good is our tongue. A word of encouragement is greater than gold. A statement of concern is more powerful than medicine. A compliment is more valuable than cash. Send a text, write an email, hand write a note, make a phone call or just sit down and talk. Listen to the other person and use your words to build them up.

2. Do Something – Everyone has at least one job they are avoiding. They do not have the time, the strength or the money to get the job done. You could help them accomplish this task. A helping hand is a great gift. Setting aside all that I could do to help another person is the best use of one’s time and talent.

3. Give Something – My life has been blessed in so many ways just by the giving of one small gift. It may not seem like much at the time but the gift of a meal, of fresh produce, of something with value and meaning is a wonderful gesture. The list of possibilities are unlimited.

Tonight I am leading these young people in the process of taking their time to help prepare a meal and give it to some older people while visiting with them. It will not seem like much to them but it will bless people in ways they never imagined. In a world of selfish people who want to be in every picture, express everything they are feeling and be the center of attention this activity holds the possibility of changing the world. Maybe not the world as a whole, but at least our littler corner here in Adrian Missouri.

This issue is not just something that Jr. High kids need to address. It is a question for all of us. Will we spend our life totally on ourselves or will we seek to bless others? The answer lies in what we are saying, doing and giving.

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