How Much Poison Does It Take?

I have been in a two month long project of cleaning out the sheds at our church facility. Through the years moisture and weather have taken their toll on numerous items that have been stored there. As a result I have been slowly throwing away ruined cardboard, rusty metal, and old books. The biggest problem has been the mice. They have left their dropping everywhere, chewed through any soft material and built fluffy homes from carpet and insulation.

I have launched a counter attack on their invasion of the Church property. There are now bags and containers of d-con placed in all of the corners for the mice to feast upon. If you are not familiar with d-con it is a poison that is designed to kill mice after eating. Apparently they love it since I have gone through 5 bags and 8 containers of the stuff. I have also found 5 dead mice so I know it is working too.

Here is the thing about this way of killing the little rodents. It says right on the package that it contains 99.99% other ingredients. It only contains only 0.01% of actual poison. The amount of deadly material is less than 1 percent. Upon reading that on the label I thought about this question, “How much deadly material does it take to kill a human?” I don’t mean literally kill someone (by no means!). I mean how much poison does it take to kill your soul? How many bad thoughts does your brain need to think before it affects your spirit? How much junk do you need to go through your brain before you feel spiritually sick?

My answer: Much less than you think.

One thought on “How Much Poison Does It Take?

  1. Not much is an answer I would totally agree with. It seems to be a daily battle but I must say if you start your day with scripture and prayer it increases your ability to fight the battle.

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