What Does Social Media Reveal About You?

Last week I reentered the world of Facebook. I was on Facebook from 2006 to 2008 and ended up wasting a lot of time. As I ended my ministry in Iowa I didn’t have much extra free time and decided to end my Facebook account. Well, lately I have wanted to chat with some people from Alaska, Iowa and Indiana where I have held ministries. That fact coupled with the fact that we have had almost no rain in Adrian for the last couple months and the ground is so hard I can’t metal detect has led me back onto Facebook.

I started an account last week and last Saturday I had time to fill in a lot of information and upload a background. Then I set out in the adventure of adding friends and seeing what they had on their sites. It has truly been an enlightening experience.

So here is what I have seen on people’s Facebook accounts in my fist week.

1. What people really value – Most people have filled their pages with pictures of family and friends. But they also promote their sports teams, their hobbies, their political views and even their faith. I have run across people who love to party and people who “like” almost anything connected to Jesus. You may say you love or enjoy something, but apparently if you do, it will be on Facebook.

2. What people do with their time – It is one thing to talk to people on Sunday morning and have them tell you they are busy. It is quite another thing to see the pictures of what they were actually doing. Work, sports, hobbies, family, and a dozen other things fill our time – we show it all in pictures.

3. Where people’s resources go – Inspired by some of the adventures I saw families taking on Facebook I came up with my own dreams. Then last night I started to price out some of those fun trips. Wow. Nothing is cheap. So I started taking a closer look at people’s photos and began to see where their money goes. It is interesting that Jesus says your heart will be where you money goes.

My trek back into Social Media has been a very eye-opening trip. I learned a lot about the people I lead and even a little about myself.

I wonder, what does Social Media reveal about you?


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