Re-Post: Connoisseurs Of Fine Churches

This article was originally posted by Brian Jones at


After church services one Sunday a couple greeted me on their way out the door. By their cologne and big jewelry and cliché Christian lingo I knew they weren’t our typical non-religious visitors. “Pastor, what an anointed word from God you delivered today,” the husband said. I cringed. The only people who talk that way are on Christian television.

I swallowed and said, “Hope to see you next week.”

His wife looked at me with a grin, “Nope. We won’t be back. Years ago the Lord told us to attend a different church every week. So we’ll be somewhere else next Sunday.”

I said, “Let me get this straight. You go to a different church every week?”

“Yep,” he said, “been doing it for five years now.”

I said, “How sad.”

“Why do you say that?” she angrily shot back.

“Because,” I said, ”you never get to experience real Christian community. You’re, like, connoisseurs of fine churches or something. My hunch is it wasn’t the Lord who called you to do this. You need to find a church and put down roots.”

Needless to say they didn’t come back.

It’s sad, really.

We’ve become a nation of church shoppers. If the preaching gets boring at our church, we pull out the yellow pages. If the worship style changes, we go to First Church’s early service. If our Sunday school class starts to get too impersonal, we don’t sweat it, we try the hot new church in town.

We Christians change churches like we change favorite restaurants.

I’m sure that makes God sad.


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