Monday Rundown – October 26, 2015

Occasionally I need to do a run down of things going on in the Church and a few things in my personal life. Today is one of those days.

1. We finally finished our sermon series entitled “Finding Your Way Back to God.” I thought everything went really well and I had a lot of positive feedback. I would love your honest feedback so that we can have an even better “big series” next fall. All sermons are available on the Church website –

2. For the series we had a few “public” decisions – 1 person requested prayer, 1 person wanting help to make a change, 1 person wanted to talk about baptism further and 1 person was baptized. All in all it was a productive time for our Church. I am sure there were other non-public decisions as God worked on people’s hearts.

3. Congratulations to Karley Reynolds on her baptism
Karley Reynolds Baptism

4. All of the sermons from the past series are available on the website. Yesterday’s sermon is actually listed twice. It is listed as the last sermon in the previous series and it is listed individually. The reason I did this is so that you could share the individual sermon with other people. It is entitled “I have decided to follow Jesus” and I would love for everyone who calls Adrian Christian Church home to listen to it at least once. Then ask yourself, “Where am I on my journey with God?” and “What is the next Step for me?”

5. We also held our first ever “Hymn Night” yesterday evening. It went pretty well. Several people were blessed by the hymns. I was also blessed to have a few of our Children sing “Jesus Loves Me.”
Children at Hymn Night

* You never know what you are going to see or what you are going to miss at Church programs. Some of you missed a great song!!

6. This is the final week of our “Operation Christmas Child.” We have been collecting items and money to put together shoe boxes to send overseas for Christmas. We are putting the boxes together on Wed. night at 6:00 pm at the Church. We have invited our youth group to participate but all are welcome to help. I will be serving pizza if you come to help:-) Any donations also need to be dropped off by Wed. afternoon.

7. RUSH – our youth program – is helping with Christmas boxes and then having a small Halloween/costume party till 8:00. It will be a night of food, service, fun and fellowship. Start at 6:00 and go till 8:00 pm. Hope your teen can make it.

8. This Sunday – November 1 – is Daylight Savings time. Don’t forget to Fall Back.

9. Also this Sunday we are not having our traditional Sunday School. A couple from Show Me Christian Youth Home (a ministry we support) will be here to present information about their work. There will be a special offering for them as a way to further support their ministry. We really hope you will stay around and hear about this great ministry.

10. We now have sign up sheets for our Thanksgiving dinner in the lobby. Our dinner will be help don Sunday November 22 right after Church. We will be having several soups this year and we are looking for sides to go with it. Please mark this on your calendar and sign up for something this Sunday.

11. This next Sunday I am kicking off a new sermon series entitled “How to Be Rich.” It is not a sermon series about getting rich or about giving all of your money away. It is a series about what we are to do with the blessing God gives us. For example, we are to be grateful and we are to take care of our needs. But what else?? Come this next month to find out.

12. I just want to say a special Thank You to everyone who has severed this last month in every way. You are what makes the Church a great place to be.

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