Dropping Your Guard

The Church is full of two types of people.

The first group always keep their guard up.  They don’t tell anyone about their personal struggles.  Their marriage will fall apart and they will never tell anyone.  Their addiction will destroy them and no one really knows.  They don’t want you to know that their children have made poor choices.  They are closed off to other people.  They don’t speak up, they rarely join the group and they run the moment someone gets close to them.

The second group shares almost everything.  Give them a minute of your time and they will end up telling you some about some dark corner of their life.  They will tell you things you are not ready to hear.  Nothing is off limits.  Conversations frequently end in tears and an awkward silence as people do not know how to respond.

The problem is that neither group ends up feeling the joy of their faith or comfortable in the community of believers.

Being a part of a community of believers is a give and take process.  We are called to share our struggles and we told to carry the burdens of others.  We must find a balance of openness in order for a community to work.

So here are two defining questions:

  1. Does anyone other than your spouse know your struggles?
  2. Do you know the struggles of anyone other than your own?

The Church needs people who are part of a third group – a group who share and care equally.

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