A Reflection on Sports With My Son

It is very late at night after my oldest son’s final basketball game. Actually it is early in the morning the next day and I still can’t sleep. My emotions are still running wild and my mind will not stop. I have been thinking about the first time my boy played organized basketball in 4th grade. I have watched him grow from an awkward little boy into a starter on his high school team. And tonight it all came to an end. Oh, I am sure he will play basketball again. He may play hundreds of games more in his life, but I will no longer be in the stands to cheer him on as my high school son. Tonight was a transition for both him and me and I have a few thoughts that I want to share.

1. Sports Provided Us With Many Great Memories Together. I have been with him as a parent and as a coach through everything. We were together for all the great moves, incredible shots and difficult losses. Tonight we spent just a couple of minutes sharing memories and stories and my heart was full as I thought of all of our times together. Sports may be a lot of things, but it is a great way to spend time together as father and son.

2. Sports Was a Family Affair. Through the years we have approached sports as a family. We spent time together as a family at practices, before games and after games. I am proud that my younger children have always had a great role model to look up to in their older brother.

3. Sports Helped Develop My Son’s Character. I firmly believe that faith and family are the greatest factors in a person’s development, but sports can help. My son has been shaped by learning to handle disappointment, criticism and one coach who was mean. He made friendships with players, celebrated the success of others and always been a good sport. I am not really sure if it developed his character as much as it gave him a chance to use all he was learning at Church and home.

I know tonight was just another game on the grand scale of things. It was just a sport with no real significance in the state of the world. But my world changed if only just a little. So as #42 walked off the court one final time I gave him a hug and said, “I love you son and I am very proud of you.”

I am thankful for all God has given my family through sports. I pray He will bless your family through whatever adventure you take with your children as He has blessed me.


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