Start Somewhere

I once visited a local minister to talk about life as a pastor and the work going on in our churches. We were walking around the building and he proudly showed me his first ever Church newsletter. The Church had talked about having one for years and he had finally gotten his first one done.

I picked it up and quickly flipped through the pages. There were spacing and formatting errors that drive me crazy. There were a couple of typos and flaws. I politely pointed out a couple of the mistakes to him with the hope of helping him produce a better product.

He looked back at me and said something I will never forget. He said, “I know it’s not perfect, but you can’t improve on nothing.”

While his grammar might be confusing his point was clear to me. For years his Church had wanted a printed newsletter. He had taken the time to produce the best product he could. Finally they had a newsletter. There had once been nothing in existence and he finally had a product. There was a plan, a format and information ready to go. From now on he could focus his energy on making his newsletter better. The hardest part of his project was behind him – the work of getting started.

All of us in life and in our Churches have these grand dreams of all that we want to do for God. We have been putting it off for years because we were waiting for everything to be perfect. Honestly, it doesn’t have to be. Start somewhere and improve on that. After all, “You can’t improve on nothing.”

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