Books I Would Like to Write for Christians

I enjoy writing. I suppose that if I were no longer a preacher I would try in some way to be a writer. This blog is one outlet for that part of my life. Through the years I have thought of several books I would like to write for the people in the Churches I have served.

1. Busy With Nothing Important. Most people I have met are running from one thing to another all the time. They never take time to breathe. The sad part is that they are usually busy with nothing important. They are slaves to the immediate. Most of us need to focus our eyes on what really matters for eternity.

2. Imitate Christ Not Most Christians. Unfortunately the Church is full of people who talk about faith but do very little with it. People feel they are doing a good job if they are living like they people they see in Church. The sad result is that most people have incredibly shallow faith. Aim higher than most of the faith you see and try to become like Christ.

3. Find a Church and Spend the Rest of Your Life There. People move Churches far too often. I think one of the beauties of Church is that it gives you a place to work through your issues and become more Christlike. Unfortunately it takes a lifetime to achieve this goal. Church is the place you learn how to get along with others even when you are different. Church is where you can learn to forgive and grow in grace when others fail. Church is a place where you can develop deep relationships if you will stay long enough to move past superficial conversations. Church is a family that takes a lifetime to understand.

4. What You Are Really Searching For. I believe that most people are looking for some of the same basic elements of life. They want love, joy, hope and security. I am firmly convinced that these are what Jesus offers to us. Those outside of Christ are looking for what faith offers. Those inside of Christ who feel incomplete are probably doing something wrong.

5. It Takes a Big Dog to Weigh a Ton. Since I was a little boy I have asked my dad, “What do you know?” He has said for over 40 years, “It takes a big dog to weigh a ton.” If I follow-up that question with, “Don’t you know anything else?” He says, “Yes, it take a little dog to weigh an ounce.” Sadly, he is right. I would love to write a book about all the lessons my parents have taught me. There would be a collection of odd sayings and funny experiences. Mom and dad have taught me a lot about life and faith. Here is the funny thing, I am teaching my children some of the same lessons. I am saying some of the same things. We are first molded by our parents and then we spend our life molding our children. Be careful what shape you are forming.

These are just a few of the random ideas I have locked away. One day I will sit down and write and write. Books will flow out of me that I am sure very few people will read. Until that day, I will just keep typing my blog and sharing my ideas with the 25 of you who read this.

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