Reading for Your Holiday Weekend

It is Memorial Day weekend. It is the unofficial start to summer. Most people be spending their weekend with family somewhere or off on some big outing. Since they are calling for rain here in Missouri I thought I would share a few good links for you to read if you get stuck inside. Enjoy

It’s Not ‘Cute’ When Dads Threaten My Son For Dating Their Daughter

Four Steps to Kill Nagging Sins

4 Things My Mom Taught Me About Theology

5 Secrets You Must Know About Your Wife

Is Cohabitation a Sin?

Say Hard Things

9 Reasons People Are Not Coming To Your Church

10 Qualities of the Leaders I Want on My Team

Finally – three short (but great) posts by business leader Seth Godin –

The short run and the long run

Calling your finding

The other kind of harm

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