The Journey Into the Unknown

It is not one of my favorite worship songs. In fact, almost two years ago I wrote down a few lines in my Evernote notebook about a blog I wanted to write about it. I have read through my scattered lines over and over and have yet to craft it into a full-blown blog until today. The sad thing for me is that I have completely flip-flopped on my view of this song.

The song is a Christian praise song entitled “Oceans.” The opening lines are:

“You call me out upon the waters
The great unknown where feet may fail”

As a person of deep convictions about my faith I had intended to write about how God reveals the unknown to us when we follow him. Faith is a journey of following Jesus. He guides us through his words, his Holy Spirit and through his people.

I still believe those simple truths. My problem is that I stand with a lot of unknown territory before me right now. My oldest son is leaving home in two months for college and I am not sure of my role in his life. Then there is my father. His health continues to fail and I am not sure how to help him. He is clearly on the last leg of his race on earth and I do not know what to do. Finally, there is my Church. We have been trying to hire a children’s ministry with no success. We also need to hire a new secretary. This is the first week of ministry all alone with no other paid staff. I am hopeful for the future but I have no real control over any of the possibilities. For me, right now, life is full of the unknown.

The hard part is the overwhelming feeling that “my feet may fail.” I may make wrong choices. I may miss opportunities. I may not handle everything the way I should.

So what do you do when your journey leads out into unknown territory? Here is what I am doing.

1. Hold Onto the Promises of God – Hold onto the truth revealed in God’s word. God has promised us to never leave us forsake us.

2. Remember God’s Previous Work – I have seen God work in people’s lives during difficult times. I have seen his hand of mercy and guidance. I know he will do for me what he has always done for others.

3. Pray For Guidance – I ask God to lead me into my unknown future every day.

4. Ask for Support – Ask other people to pray. Ask other people for help.

5. Look For Open Doors – I firmly believe at one point God will show me the next steps. It may not be as quick as I would like, but guidance will come.

Oceans is still not my favorite worship song. I do think I understand it better. There are times in life the God leads us into the unknown. It might be a struggle. It might be hard. But keep your eyes on God and he will lead you through.


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