The Biggest Question on Your Journey of Faith

I believe there is one essential question that all believers must continually ask themselves. This one questions defines my actions and helps me to grow in my faith.

Here it is, “What is my next step on my journey of faith?”

Faith is about believing a core set of doctrines but it is not limited to head knowledge. Faith is about knowing the right things and then doing them. Too often these actions get moved to a theoretical someday. We will do this when we know the Bible more. We will do that when we have more time. As a result we tread the waters of a stagnant faith for years and years.

My hope is that you refocus your vision onto the step that is right in front of you. What step, either big or small, can you take that will stretch you and make you more obedient.

What does God desire from you? That is very personal. Where are you on your journey with God? Have you believed? Have you publicly proclaimed it? Have you been baptized? Have you tried to remove that sin from your life? Are you serving? Are you giving? Are you connecting? Are you growing? Where are you and what is your next step?

Faith is a journey that takes a lifetime. The only really important step is the one you are taking today. What step do you need to take on your journey of faith?


One thought on “The Biggest Question on Your Journey of Faith

  1. I think about this often don’t want to be this old person who is always looking back at past victories I want to keep serving the Lord and growing. Sharing with others the” good news”. Letting God use me.

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