What Has Jesus Done For You?

In the High School Sunday class that I help lead we are going through a couple of books entitled “Can I Ask That?” The goal is to cover some deeper topics for Christians, get the teens to open up with each other and hopefully share what the Bible teaches. We have covered topics like, “Is it okay to ask questions?,” “Why is there pain and suffering,” and “Is Hell real?”

The last few weeks we have been talking about evangelism? Do we share our faith? Why do we do it or why don’t we? It has generated some good discussion but I have also been listening very close myself. I am deeply interested in how to get people to share what they believe.

This last weekend, the other class leader asked a very penetrating question from the book, “Has trusting and following Jesus impacted your life in a way that you’d want to tell someone about?” In other words, “What is the best part of following Jesus for you that you would want to share?”

I love that question and we shared several ideas in class. I have been thinking about it a lot since Sunday and trying to come up with my list. So here it goes – In Jesus we have …

1. Grace and Forgiveness
All of us make mistakes, we break the law, we violate our conscience and we sin against God. We fail over and over. Jesus gives us the joy of a second chance. We can have our sins forgiven by God’s grace poured out through Jesus on the cross.

2. Unconditional Love
The Bible underlines that God loves us so much that he sent his son to die for us. All of us long for someone to truly care about us as individuals. Jesus is the ultimate example and expression of love.

3. Significant Service
We want to have a positive impact on the world. In following Jesus my life can touch people around the globe. It can be through giving my money to a global cause or my time to a local project. Both have the potential to reach out with the love of God in a very real and practical way.

4. Access to God
In Jesus we each have the opportunity to speak with God directly. We do not have to go to a special place or speak with a special person. We can pray where we are at whatever location we find ourselves during any point in the day. We have complete access to God through Jesus Christ.

5. Eternal Hope
As we face the end of our lives we turn our thoughts toward what happens next. Following Jesus gives us the hope of eternity. We will share that eternity with Jesus along with all of the other believers who have gone on before us. We are sad at the transition from this world but filled with the hope of heaven.

That is my short list of the blessings I have received in Jesus. What am I missing from my list? How has God blessed you in Jesus Christ?

The bigger point of our Sunday school lesson was that as followers of Jesus we share our stories with other people. We go from Church to share with people who have made mistakes that God forgives them. We share with the lonely about God’s love for them. We take the blessings of God and share them with other people so that they can feel that blessing too.


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