The Difference Between Good Work and God’s Work

There are hundreds of options as to where you can donate your time. There are lots of projects out there that range from good to great. But as a Christian I am not just interested in what is good. I want to do things with my life for God’s kingdom. I do understand that there is a huge amount of overlap when I talk about this distinction. All of God’s projects are good, but not all good projects are God’s.

Here are some comparisons between good work and God’s work

Doing good work is for personal glory. Doing God’s work is for his glory.
Doing good work builds your reputation. Doing God’s work builds up his kingdom.
Doing good work makes me known in my community. Doing God’s work makes him known in the community.
Doing good work will help people to like you. Doing God’s work will help people to love the Lord.
Doing good work will require to you to use your talent. Doing God’s work will require you to rely on God’s Spirit and strength.

Do you hear the difference? God’s work is God Honoring and good work can be for personal glorification.

I was in a preaching class in college and one of the students finished their sermon and the class had time to critique him. Everyone enjoyed this man’s sermon but I loved how one student put it. He said, “When he finished preaching I thought we should all chant Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.”

When we do God’s work people will leave the experience shouting about the goodness of God and not singing our praises.

The really big question is “What kind of work are you doing with your life?”

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