A No Talent Job

I am a one talent guy. Communication is my only gift. I can speak well and write okay. That’s it.

Before you spend your energy trying to convince me that I have lots of gifts and abilities you need to know I have been involved in the Church since I was little. I volunteered to do dozens of things long before I entered ministry. After that I have spent almost 23 years in ministry and I have tried everything.

I am not a singer or musician. Acting and drama were a disaster. I can only cook on a limited basis. I know nothing about automobiles, plumbing and electrical. I have done some limited carpentry but don’t look too close. I could spend the rest of this blog telling stories about my failures of epic proportions.

I have one talent. And I am okay with that. I have found that I can do a lot of ministry with almost no real talent.

Through the years I have learned that I can run a vacuum, mop a floor and pick up trash without any real skill. I can set up tables, stack chairs and move furniture with very limited ability. Often I go to the store and buy needed items or I have made a list of items for others to purchase. Numerous hours have been spent mowing and weedeating the Church grounds. I am especially good at making copies. I could go on and on about all the ministry I have done, and all with very limited “giftedness.”

Through the years I have heard people say that I need to focus on my talents. I have tried to do that, but honestly, it is only a tiny part of ministry. Ministry is about doing whatever is required at the present time to accomplish a task. Availability is far more important than ability.

A great Church is created when a bunch of people get together and use their lives for whatever is needed. Some of it requires skill, but all of it requires a willing heart.

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