Running Off at the Mouth

When I was young I heard someone use this funny expression about talking. The context was a guy who just kept talking and talking. A friend of mine said something like, “Don’t pay attention to him, he is just running off at the mouth.” To me that expression meant someone just kept saying the same things over and over again.

Well for the last few days I have been “running off at the mouth.” I feel like I have said the same things so many times that everyone must surely have heard it. You see, over the last few days people have been telling me how great our Vacation Bible School program was for the children. The kids were excited, the parents happy and the Church was encouraged at how well everything went.

To all those people I have been saying the same thing, “It’s because of all the great volunteers.” I have been singing the praises of our kitchen crew of Brenda, Sue, Carroll and others. I have been praising the hard work and creative teaching of MaryEllen. I have been telling everyone of the enjoyable crafts put together by Jamie and Tisha. I can never say enough about Ike and his decorating ideas and his work outside with activities. I tell people how blessed we are to have a worship director like Hannah for the week. I cannot say enough about our nursery workers, our crew leaders, our Jr Mission leaders and the young adults they serve. I am so proud of our teens for helping out in every area. I thank God for bringing me Gus to help with the registration and then having Charolette and the other ladies helping do all of that paperwork. Then there are all the people who helped set up and tear down. Every night there were at least 50 volunteers and altogether there were about 100 people who helped pull off this one week of Vacation Bible School.

I cannot say enough about the great team of volunteers we have at Adrian Christian Church for vBS.

So when people want to thank me for “my hard work” or for “all that I did,” I want to shout from the rooftops the praises of all the people who made this week really happen. I just took the time to ask people if they would help and then tried to give them the resources to be successful. The whole Church made the week great.

And really, isn’t that what the Church is suppose to be like every week?

Thanks to everyone who let their light shine in the “cave” of Adrian.

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