Positive Thinking Friday

I am naturally a pessimist. The glass is half empty. The bad news just hasn’t arrived yet.

I am reminded of this sometimes when I replay the conversations of each day in my mind. It hits me when I read my old blog posts. I see it clearly reading through some of my old sermons.

I have to work very intentionally on being positive. Today is one of those days when I tell myself that I need to see the good in the world.

Here are 10 positive thoughts for today.

1. I believe in a God who cares about me.

2. In Christ, all my sins are forgiven.

3. No one can separate me from the love of Christ

4. God has me right where he wants me.

5. I am part of a Church full of wonderful people

6. Even those who oppose me are helping me to grow.

7. I have all of this life’s basic necessities – food, clothing, and shelter with clean water to drink.

8. I have been given more than I need, I even have enough to share.

9. I have been given a wonderful family.

10. This is a day that the Lord has made, and he gave it to me.

*[Bonus] – Even if this day falls apart, I still have eternity with Jesus as my reward.

Hope you have a happy Friday and a wonderful weekend. May you see the Lord’s blessing today and everyday.


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