Finding Jesus is Half the Battle

Throughout my ministry, I have spoken with hundreds of people whose lives were a mess. They had reached the bottom of the barrel. They were at the end of their rope. They were caught in sin. Their relationships had fallen apart. Life had taken a drastic and unexpected turn. Now they were searching for answers and a new path.

Their search for a better future had brought them to Church. They had heard about grace, mercy, love and compassion and they were all for it. The Lord had brought them to Church and they want to follow Jesus and turn over a new leaf.

As a Pastor, I applaud their decision. I wish everyone would come to a saving relationship in Jesus. I believe there is no greater decision.


I also believe that find Jesus is only half of the battle. The other half is transformation.

Making Jesus your Savior changes your relationship with God but it does not immediately change everything else. True change in life is achieved in the hard decisions of every day.

Finding Jesus won’t save your marriage unless you selflessly serve your spouse like Jesus.
Finding Jesus won’t change your children unless you teach them to live like Jesus.
Finding Jesus won’t stop that addiction unless you walk away from it through the power of Jesus.
Finding Jesus won’t heal your relationships unless you learn to forgive like Jesus.
Finding Jesus won’t stop your harsh words unless you start speaking like Jesus.

Far too many people think that finding Jesus and making him your Savior will change everything. Soon after they are disappointed that nothing really changed. Jesus is not a magic wand you can wave over all your problems and make them go away. He is a teacher pointing you toward a new way to live. Following him in everything is the only way to make things new.


One thought on “Finding Jesus is Half the Battle

  1. Such good reading. This is such a truth about Jesus. Thank you for your blog and your sermon. I thank God daily for bringing you and your teaching into my life.
    You have helped me learn what was missing in my life.

    Thanks, you.

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