Saying the Same Thing Over and Over Again

I was recently talking with my wife and I told her that I feel like I am saying the same things over and over again. After that conversation, I began to truly reflect on my ministry. It does appear that over the years I have returned to one of these few topics.

1. People Need Jesus as Their Lord and Savior.
Christians are people who have based their life on the person of Jesus Christ. Nothing more and nothing less. All of us need the forgiveness we find in Jesus. Then when we find ourselves moving away from him, we need to come home where we find a second chance. The other side of making Jesus your savior is that you make him your Lord. That means you need to live the life he taught about and demonstrated while he walked on the earth. We are to follow Jesus in every way.

2. You Can Understand the Bible and You Need to Try Regularly.
I am a Bible guy. I believe it. I trust it. I read it. I teach it. I firmly believe that it holds the answers we are looking for in our lives. It challenges us. It shapes our thinking. It is vital for faith and practice. Unfortunately, most people do not read it. Some think they can’t read it and others simply will not read it. I believe spiritual growth is connected to our use of the Bible.

3. Transformation is a Daily, Gradual, Lifelong Process.
The daily disciples of prayer, bible reading, worship and reading are the key to a transformed life. There are a thousand ways to do each one, but each one needs to be practiced regularly. My dream would be that people would spend a few minutes each day in some sort of a growth activity. Each day will accumulate until one day we are amazed at the results.

4. Everyone Needs to Be a Part of a Church
I do not believe that the Church is an optional part of the Christian life. God purposely puts us together with other believers to help us grow. The people of the Church will help lead us in worship, they will teach us, they will encourage and challenge us. The Church is a place where we can serve with others for a Godly purpose. The people of the Church will love us, hurt us, ignore us and embrace us. All of those things will help us to grow into mature Christians.

5. Invest Time and Energy in Your Family
Your spouse is important. You need to give them time, energy and love. Give them more than leftovers. Your children are also important. They need teaching, correction, and love. Give them more than leftovers. Neither of these is God. Put God first in everything and teach your family to do the same. Then give them the best of yourself and you will be blessed in every way.

These five topics have been the theme of my ministry for over 20 years. In fact, I speak on these five things over and over. You will probably get tired of hearing me speak about them. That’s okay. You need to hear it … and so do I.

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