True Commitment is Seen In the Struggle

The other day I was thinking about a group of people I know and how difficult their life has been lately. Immediately a thought went through my head that was clear and unmistakable. I have been thinking about it for a few days and I am sure the thought is true. Here it is: Real commitment is seen in the struggle to make things work

1. A committed believer will find a way to be at worship
My parents have started attending Church again. That may not sound like much to you, but it is not easy for them. My dad has suffered two major strokes in the last two years. He drools a lot, is hard to understand when he speaks, has difficulty walking and wears out easily. My mom has had an infection this year that hospitalized her twice and received treatment for cancer. For several months they have not attended Church because they were not physically able. Dad and mom are going again, but each week is a struggle. I know they really want to be there and they will do all they can to make it.

2. A loving spouse will find a way to work through difficulties.
I know of a couple where the husband was unfaithful. The wife was devastated but did not give up. They have been to counseling and have worked hard to stay together. They changed jobs, lifestyles and completely rearranged their lives. While it would have been easy for one of them to walk away, they have stayed together to work it out. She has been a model of love, patience, and grace through the most difficult of situations. I know she is committed to her husband and their marriage.

3. A true friend will find a way to be there for you.

My then fiance and I changed our wedding date from June to December 31. Only one of my college buddies made the wedding. Landis packed up right after Christmas and drove 8 hours to Wisconsin. He endured a snowstorm, the loss of family time and a holiday and he shelled out some money just to make the trip. Everyone else gave me long stories about how tough it would be to get there and yet I never once heard him complain. Real friends will find a way to overcome obstacles.

Real, true, committed people will fight through struggles to do what is important to them. If something or someone is too much of a hassle, then you simply don’t care that much, no matter what you say.

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