Why I Take Fridays Off

A preacher’s schedule may be unlike any other in the world. Every Sunday is a big day for preachers like me. I have primarily worked all week for this one day. I pray, I preach, I teach, I fellowship and often I have meetings. Sunday is usually exhausting for most preachers.

As a result, many pastors take Monday off. Actually I used to do this myself. It gave me a day to rest and get ready for the rest of the week. The problem was that I usually came away from Sunday with a “to-do list” of items that I needed to get done quickly. Soon Monday morning became a time to get just a few more things done before I could relax. But then again, I never relaxed because I knew that Sunday was coming and I needed another sermon and lesson.

Lately I have been taking Fridays as my day off. This has worked much better for me. This allows me to do several things –

1. I am able to keep the ball rolling from Sunday. All of the thoughts I had on Sunday morning can be addressed on Monday and not forgotten.

2. I rest better when the work is done. By Friday everything I need to do for Sunday is done. Thursday night I sleep the best out of any day.

3. It builds in an extra day in case of an emergency. If, Lord forbid, an accident happens during the week, like my son breaking his ankle in four places this year, I am able to flex my day off to another day and then I can work on Friday to get everything done. This helps me to relax.

4. Occasionally I get a day off with my kids. Frequently the school gives my children a day off and very often it is on Friday. It is wonderful to get extra time with my family.

5. Frequently I get two days off in a row. Saturdays are hit and miss. Sometimes I have meetings, sometimes weddings and funerals, and sometimes I just need to do some final prep work for Sunday. Quite often I get to take two days off and enjoy a time to refresh and relax.

These may not seem like a big deal to you, but they are to this preacher. Throughout my ministry I have run into people on Friday and they ask, “Are you not working today?” The answer is simply, “Nope, and I love it.” I enjoy it so much that I encourage all of the Church staff to do the same.

Oh yeah, I wrote this yesterday and scheduled it to post today. Right now I am outside enjoying the day. If you need anything, I will see you Sunday.


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