When In Doubt, Pray

I was recently a part of a religious ceremony that involved several different speakers. After each one gave their devotion or read their assigned scripture there was a moment of pause. Then they each looked around not sure what was going to happen next. In that moment each one did the exact same thing, each one prayed. All total there were four prayers in a matter of 15 minutes.

To people who do not go to Church this may have seemed odd, but to people who frequent religious functions, this might seem normal. In fact, I was once instructed by a professor that if you are ever unsure of what is going to happen next in a program then just pause and pray. He said that this action would focus our thoughts, calm our nerves and get you ready for the next thing.

Watching these men each pause and pray reminded me of those words of instructions years ago. Can I also say that those instructions are valid for anyone at anytime? When you are unsure what is going to happen next, just pause and pray. It will focus your thoughts, calm your nerves and get your ready for the next thing.

It doesn’t matter whether you lead religious activities of not. When in doubt about the future, pray.

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