A Christmas Shoebox

Last night was a culmination of a six month project for Adrian Christian Church. For years the Church I serve has done shoeboxes for Christmas through Samaritan’s Purse for Operation Christmas Child. Last spring I had the idea of connecting it to our Vacation Bible School. Lists were typed and the kids were told and the second week of July we started collecting and organizing material at VBS. Then we presented the opportunity to help to the congregation. Money and gifts came in and they were organized and prepared. Next, we had 18 people show up to help pack the boxes about a month ago. Finally, my assistant and I loaded up the boxes in my van and dropped off 100 fully packed boxes. The Church paid the $7 a box to ship them and the project was complete. Well, it will not be totally complete till Christmas. The video below will show you what will happen from here. Thanks to everyone for your donations, time and prayers. May God bless you all. (And if you would like to help lead this project next year, please let me know)

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