I Am a Really Healthy Person

Physical health is paramount to me. I would say it is one of my top priorities.

1. I like to exercise. I mean I don’t do it daily or anything. I am not fanatical about it, those people are weird. I just think people should do it and one day I hope to get around to it.

2. I don’t attend a gym. Oh, I visit one on special occasions. I sometimes go if they have something special for the kids.

3. I have lots of books on diet and exercise. I haven’t read any of them, but one day I might.

4. I have lots of healthy friends, and I enjoy being around them. Usually, we talk over chips and salsa at the local Mexican restaurant.

5. I really want my children to grow up healthy. I never teach them personally about health as I don’t want to push my beliefs on them and make them resent healthy living.

6. My local market has a great health food section. I let my children make their own choices about what they buy and eat there. I do not want to push them into eating something they might regret later. After all, sometimes healthy food is boring and I do not want them to be bored while eating.

7. Right now I am overweight, but it is my heart that counts. I really do think about being healthy a great deal when I am home alone. It is one of the more sacred parts of my soul. But, don’t judge me if I consider a bowl of ice cream as a meal once in a while.

Does this seem crazy to you?

Yet, I hear the same craziness almost every week about religion.

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