Traits of People I Want to Spend Time Around

There are some people I love to be around. From the moment I see them my heart lights up, and I have a smile on my face. There are just certain people who I look forward to seeing.

While thinking about this, I began to wonder what it is that makes some people so attractive to be around. What is it about some people that make them light up your life? In response to that one idea, I started a list of characteristics I find attractive in people. Here it is:

1. Encouraging – Some people always have a kind word. They are positive in almost every situation. They take their positive attitude and put it into words that help uplift others.

2. Giving – Some people are more than willing to share. They are ready to share their time, their talent and even their treasure. They have an open heart and an open life that is reflected in their open hands.

3. Spotlight Others – They say nice things about the people they know. They are not degrading of others. They are not gossips or backstabbing people. They talk nicely about everyone. The result is that you know they say nice things about you to others. This enables you to let down your guard and speak opening without fear of it coming back to hurt you.

4. Thoughtful – Some people just have a knack for making other people feel good. They remember big days like birthdays and anniversaries. They send cards when they are thankful for something. They show concern when they know you are down. They touch your heart when you need someone there to help.

5. Open & Inquisitive – They share their life and continually ask about yours. They are willing to be open and honest about their life but not in a way that is self-serving. They do it to put you at ease and make you feel better about your own struggles. They ask questions about your feeling. They actually want to know how you are doing with everything going on right now. They care about others with their words.

I think most of us would agree on my list. You might have something you would add, but this is a good start. The real issue for us is to flip this concept around. Do you and I possess any of these traits? Do people want to be around us because of our wonderful personality? Is there anything I can and should change about myself to connect with more people? The harsh reality is that sometimes our lives are lonely because we are not a pleasant person to be around.

Maybe we can start to change that today?

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