The Selfish Request of a Preacher

Unfortunately, many preachers have become known for asking for things. The biggest demand is always for money. Sometimes the request is for Church ministry, and sadly, sometimes it is for selfish gain.

I have never been very good at asking for money. Honestly, I have really never been good about asking for anything. Today I make an exception. I would like to ask for your prayers.

Two reasons I ask for your prayers. First, our Church is growing. Anytime God starts to do something in a community, evil is sure to raise its head. I found that seasons of growth are often accompanied by difficulties, temptations, and ungodliness. Second, we are headed into the Easter season. This is the high point on the Christian calendar and is frequently the time when many people turn back to God. I know that every year the Easter season will have a time of battle against evil in various forms.

While I am excited about what God is doing at our Church this time of year, I know that it will not happen without a fight. The forces of evil have no desire to see lives changed and people find Jesus so they will do anything to stop it. That is why I ask for your prayers during this season for myself and the staff members of our Church. If you do not attend here, pray for any Church leader that you know.

Here are some ways to pray specifically –

1. Pray for the Preacher Personally. Pray that all pastors will stand against temptation. Pray they will stay committed to their own spiritual growth during this busy season.

2. Pray for the Preacher’s Marriage. All marriages, even the preachers, are under attack by evil. Pray for a deeper connection during this season and not a disconnect. Pray that men and women will remain faithful and pure in every way.

3. Pray for the Preacher’s Wife. Quite often evil tears down a home from the inside. Pray that she will stand firm in the Lord. Pray for people to love and support her.

4. Pray for the Preacher’s Family. Another avenue for evil to strike is through the children. Pray that the preacher’s kids will make wise choices and be protected from sin.

5. Pray for the Preacher’s Relationships. Many Church leaders will suffer the attack of other Church leaders. Pray that the elders and deacons will support and encourage one another through this time of year.

6. Pray for the Preacher’s Spirit. This time of year can be exhausting. There are so many excellent programs to attend and to lead. The work can quickly become an overload on the spirit and can lead to exhaustion, and that can lead to discouragement and depression. Pray that God will fill this time with wonderful experiences and keep it from turning negative.

7. Pray for the Preacher’s Words. I have more opportunities to speak this time of year than any other time. Yesterday I spoke four times. Pray that God will use these occasions to bring about growth and change in the life of his people. Pray that the preacher’s words will be clear, accurate, challenging and encouraging to the people who want to grow in their faith.

I am not usually one to ask for anything, but now I am asking for your prayers. I am asking for them on behalf of preachers and Church staff everywhere. I pray that God will use this Easter season as an incredible time of growth in his kingdom all over the world. I know it will not happen without the prayers of his people.

Thanks in advance for your prayers. May God use this holiday season for the spiritual and numerical growth of his people. When he does many people will give credit to preachers, but the real source will be your prayers.

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