Having the Preacher in Your Home

One of the things that might surprise you about being a preacher is how lonely it can sometimes be. Through the years, I have noticed that no matter what Church I lead very few people to have me into their home. It is not that people don’t like me. Occasionally people ask me to go out to eat, and several people love to stop by my office, but few people want me in their home.

I used to take offense to this truth. Was it my table manners? Was it my lack of people skills? Was it my children? Then one day the truth hit me, it is not that people didn’t like me personally, rather they do not like me professionally. Most people are not comfortable with “the preacher” in their home.

If the preacher comes into my home, he will see how I live.
He will see how messy my house is all the time. He will see projects that are not finished. He will see the real me.

If the preacher comes into my home, he will see my priorities. He will see my collection of shot glasses highlighted nicely by my Budweiser mirror. He will also see my dusty Bible hidden on the shelf.

If the preacher comes into my home, he will see how my children actually behave. He will see their bedrooms and their stuff. He will see how they are not little angels but closer to demons. He may hear them say inappropriate words or phrases. He will know all about my parenting.

If the preacher comes into my home, he will see how my spouse and I relate to each other. He might hear us yell or get angry. He may see us ignore each other as we live separate lives. He may see how awkward we are when we are not at Church putting on a show.

If the preacher comes into my home, he may see how little Jesus has anything to do with my daily life.

It is a frightening thing to have the preacher into your home. His life and work represent God. It is easier to keep him away than to change our life in some way.

Here is the thing, as a believer, God already sees your lifestyle. He hears what you say and how you interact with your spouses, your children and guests. God sees every minute of your life with all its flaws. God knows all about you.

I once heard a preacher challenge his congregation with a simple question. What if you lived every day as if the preacher were in your home?

Would your life be any different if the presence of God walked into your home?

Honestly, God is already there, and you have just forgotten.

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