Thinking of Others

There is something I need to say. It has bothered me for a long time, and I see it creeping into the Church more with every passing year. This is not true of everyone I know. It is honestly not a generational thing because I see it happening with all age groups. Here it goes, “I am tired of people being self-centered and acting like the world revolves around them.”

I am continually convicted by the behavior of others. I notice people who regularly give no regard to other people or their things. I used to call these things “common sense,” but I now realize these actions are not so common. As followers of Jesus, I think we need to lead the way in putting others above ourselves.

With that said, let me make a few suggestions –

-Hold the door open for other people.
-Share your umbrella.
-Open car doors for the elderly.
-Pick up your own trash and throw it away.
-Then pick up someone else’s trash and throw it away.
-Empty the trash can (at home, the Church and anywhere possible) when it is full.
-Say please and thank you.
-Let other people in front of you in line who only have a couple items to purchase.
-You don’t have to be first in line.
-Don’t eat all the best food and leave the leftovers for others.
-Take care of your own dishes after a meal.
-Leave the last piece of pie for someone else.
-Let someone else pick the restaurant and the TV channel.
-Give a good tip.
-Write cards to those who do something special.
-Keep quiet at concerts, movies, and Church when someone else is speaking.
-Ask other people what you can pray for on their behalf.
-Ask people how they are doing and then listen to their answer.
-Don’t take anything without asking.
-Offer to help.
-Flush the toilet.
-Turn off the lights when you are done.
-Clean up after yourself.
-Speak kindly to anyone in the service industry.
-Be willing to help people move.
-Go above and beyond what is required.
-Tell other people how much they mean to you.
-Never act like anyone owes you anything.

I know this is not a complete list. It will get you thinking. Some of these will come naturally to you and others will be difficult. I know some of them seem minuscule, but I believe it is most often the little things that change the world. A selfish and self-centered attitude has never moved the work of God forward in the world. When people of faith begin to value others and their stuff the world becomes witness to the kingdom of God in everything we do.

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