If You Travel This Summer

We are starting the vacation season in the United States especially here in the Midwest. For the next two months, the attendance at our Church will be down each week. Honestly, I am okay with it. In fact, I take a vacation myself.

While you are on vacation this summer, I want to encourage you with thought.

Please keep worship as a priority.

1. Attend Worship at Any Church You Are Near. My family and I love to visit new Churches, especially larger ones. We get to relax and worship without any pressure to perform. We are not there to serve, but to draw close to the Lord.

2. View a Worship Service Online. Many Churches have online campuses where they put on a worship program for people. These are perfect in many ways for vacation times. You can sit back in your pajamas and still hear worship music and a sermon. One Church I have watched even pauses for you to take communion as a family.

3. Have a Family Worship Time. This can be a fun experience. Let one of you family members lead each part of your time. One can pray. One can read scripture. One of you can play your favorite Christian song. I believe it will bring you closer to God and closer to each other.

4. Have Your Own Quiet Time. Once I was on a trip to Canada, and I woke up earlier than everyone and just walked around outside until I found a quiet place. There I prayed, sang a song and then read a passage of scripture. Surprisingly God spoke to me in a deep and profound way there all alone on that morning.

I hope you have a wonderful summer. I hope you get a chance to rest. I hope you have fun. I hope you reconnect with your spouse and with your family. I pray 2017 is a summer you never forget.

I also hope and pray you keep Christ at the center of your life. I hope he rules over every season of your life, even vacation season.

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