Turn it Off and Then Back On Again

Quite often this simple action helps things work better. I can’t say that I completely understand it, but when my phone, computer, and TV start doing abnormal things I just shut them off and start them back up, and it fixes the problem. This does not always work, but frequently it does. Most electronics need a reboot to help them reset so that they can function better.

While I am not an electronic device, I still have this supercomputer in my head. A little while back I decided it was time for a reboot. So 13 days ago I unplugged from work and electronics and went on vacation. I had originally planned to continue blogging but decided to take a break from this too. I spent the last two weeks fishing, relaxing, traveling, and enjoying time with my family. I completely unplugged from ministry and my regular routine.

If you don’t know me personally or know me very well let me give you a quick backstory of my life. The past 6-7 months have been particularly draining. There was the holiday season, the loss of my father, taking care of my mother, having another senior in the house for the second year in a row, the Easter season and the growth of our Church by at least 25 people. It has been a season of ups and downs emotionally and professionally. As a result, I finally reached the point of being angry or distracted all the time. It was time to shut down.

Today I am back. I feel refreshed and ready to make the next 6-month run.

With that said, let me share three thoughts.

1. Thank You. Thank you to everyone who covered all my ministry responsibilities the past two weeks. Thanks to Andy Storms for preaching. Thanks to Hannah and Rory for putting worship together. Thanks to my staff for getting everything done. Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and prayers.

2. I Missed You. While it is great to have a break sometimes, I still miss my Church family. I appreciate the people who read what I write and listen to what I preach. I miss the conversations and the joy of being together.

3. You Needed This Too. Your spiritual life should never depend on one teacher. You need to hear a multitude of voices. There is a fine line between gathering for the speaker and coming together to worship God. I never want to stand the way of your faith in Christ alone. A break gives you a chance to assess your faith and grow in a new way. This break was healthy for both of us.

As of today, I will be back to my normal speaking and writing schedule until the fall. Thanks for staying with me through this much-needed break and may God bless us all into the future.

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