A Plea for Strong Godly Men

This past Sunday after the sermon the Church was taking the time to share in communion. During this period in our worship, there was a video playing on the screen to create a mood of meditation. The video was the song “O Come to the Altar” by Elevation Worship. We were playing the video they have uploaded to YouTube with the images on the screen.
[You can watch the video HERE]

I have seen the video several times and heard the song a hundred more times. This time I noticed something I have never noticed before. During the video, there is a section that shows a baptism program at their Church. It starts at the 3:00-minute mark and lasts until the 4:00-minute mark.

The first thing I noticed was that most of the baptism decisions were being made by men. That caught me off guard a little as most the baptisms that I perform are women and children. The second thing I noticed was the guy they showed at the 3:54 point who is last in the video section is quite the man. He is big, strong and handsome. He is a manly kind of man, and he is celebrating his new life in Christ. The image caught me like never before.

His decision filled me with joy and then with a moment of despair as I thought, “Where have all the real men gone in the Church?”

Where are the men who lead their wife in faith?

Where are the men who lead their family in spiritual growth?

Where are the men who lead their Church with confidence?

Where are the men who lead their community in the power of God?

Unfortunately, many of the men I know have little spiritual strength. They either do not come to Church, or they come only because the wife tells them too.

Very few men are leading the way in spiritual growth. Few read their Bible or do anything to help themselves grow. Over 80% of the readers of blogs like mine are female.

Churches are desperately searching for male leadership. Recently I was reflecting on the idea that in 24 years of ministry I have only brought three men onto Church leadership as Elders. That is because either no one was qualified or simply no one wanted the job.

Most men I know have settled into going to work, coaching their kid’s sports team, or doing some hobby they enjoy. They have stepped back in their faith or completely stepped away.

Today, one of my biggest hopes is to reconnect men to their faith. I want to see men step up and be strong Godly leaders in every area of their lives. I want to challenge men to be more than people who watch faith from the side. I believe the future of our marriages, families, Church and even our country will depend on whether men are willing to be all that God wants them to be.

It all starts with one man willing to stand up and say, “I am ready to live for Christ.” Thank you guy at the 3:54 point for reminding me of what it means to be a Godly man.

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