The Last Piece of Pizza at Church

Being transformed into Christlikeness is manifest in ways you might not expect. One of them is seen in who eats the last piece of pizza.

Let me explain the situation so that you understand.

Yesterday a group of people at our Church stayed after worship to set up for Vacation Bible School. We had a little over five hours to transform our entire Church building into a kid-friendly environment for maximum impact. While I did not get an exact count on the number of people I am going to guess it was around thirty total adults who stayed to help. Some were moving chairs, others were preparing food, some were getting ready for registration, activities were being set up, and there was a lot of decorating happening.

Our Church building was full of people scurrying around while preparing for well over a hundred kids who would attend our VBS. These people were selflessly giving up their Sunday afternoon on behalf of children. Many of the children these adults would not know in any way. Still, they served without payment or recognition.

As a small treat each year for this group of wonderful people, the Church buys pizza for lunch. Everyone eats, drinks and fellowships while enjoying a few down moments to refuel before going back to work. Each year it is always the same with these people. A few kids run up and grab some pizza first and slowly everyone else lines up and gets a slice or two. Then a few people go back for another slice, and the boxes empty rapidly.

Finally, we reach the last box, and the pizza disappears down to a final piece or two. Those pieces just lie there looking undesired by anyone. Every year the same thing. The last piece or two of pizza is the hardest to give away. (I usually end up eating them, but that is another story)

Typical logic would tell you this happens because everyone is full. Through the years I have found a much deeper cause for the neglected pizza. The reason is a matter spiritual significance. No one wants to take the last piece because someone else might want it.

The Bible teaches believers to consider others better than themselves (Philippians 2:3). These people are walking the way of Christ and living selflessly. That is what motivates them to give up their afternoon to set up for a VBS where kids they do not know will come to learn and enjoy. These people care about others.

That last piece of pizza will sit there because someone else may want it more. They may need it, and they can have it.

A piece of pizza lying in the box at the end of Church event is not a sign that everyone is full. It is a sign that people are being transformed by Christ to care about others.

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