How to Support a Children’s Ministry

This week our Church is leading a Vacation Bible School program each night. As a result, my mind is on children’s ministry. I want to suggest to you at least five ways that you, as a believer, can support the children’s ministry at your Church.

1. Prayer. Never underestimate the power of prayer. Pray for the teachers, the volunteers, and everyone who works with the kids. Pray for the kids as they listen and learn. Pray for God to open the hearts and minds of the young people who give us their time. Pray.

2.People. Every ministry needs people to support it. Children’s ministry needs volunteers to register kids, teach them, support the leader and help in any way. There is a need for people to teach what the Bible says while modeling it with their lives. You will know the enormous impact your life will have just by being there.

3.Playful Spirit. The best volunteer is someone who can laugh and smile. It takes someone willing to get down on the floor and play with the kids. Take time to talk to them about their lives and listen to their many stories. But even if you do not serve in this area, then please have a playful spirit about those who do work there. Encourage bright colors, loud noise, and fun. More than once I have encountered a person in Church who gets angry about the noise and the mess the kids are making. Relax and enjoy it, in fact, encourage it.

4.Patience. Working with kids is like tending an orchard; it may take a long time to see some fruit. One week kids are excited and the next they are bored. One week you think you are making progress and the next you feel like you are failing. Even though you may not see big decisions made every week the seed of faith is still being planted and taking root under the surface. Who knows what it will one day produce?

5.Pick up. Children’s ministry is a mess. Toys are lying on the floor. Snacks smashed under the table. Full trash cans abound. I know it can be a headache to clean up after a group of kids, but I am thankful that a group of young people were present and learned about the Lord. The book of Proverbs says that where there are no oxen, the stable is clean. The problem is a barn is not made to stay clean but to house oxen. The same is true for children’s ministry. Embrace the mess as a sign that God is using your Church to reach the next generation.

I often hear people look at children in the Church and speak of them as the Church of the future. I honestly believe they are actually the Church of today. They are the ones who need our teaching and our example right now. We dare not wait until they are old to teach them the way of Christ, we had better start now. Children’s ministry is serious business.

I believe in children’s ministry, and I try to support it in every way I am able. I pray you will too.

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