Batting .366

Ty Cobb holds the major league record for the highest lifetime batting average. He averaged .366 over 24 seasons. He played over 100 years ago, and his record still stands.

I don’t know much about baseball, in fact, I am not a fan, but I still marvel at that number.

That number means that every ten times at bat he hit only three of them to get on base. Every 1,000 times he came to the plate to hit he was called out 634 times. He was a successful batter only one-third of the time.

I am drawn to that number as a leader because not everything I do will be successful.

I noticed today while looking over my blog for the past seven months that on average only one per article week gets many hits. It seems that each week I write people seem to connect with only one of my posts. Out of five original pieces of material just one gets noticed.

For me, that is enough to keep writing. If I can produce five articles every week and one is a success, then I am doing well. That means each year I write 52 good posts that people connect with and helps them on their spiritual walk. That means in the four years I have been writing I have produced over 200 pages of useful material. That is two hundred times more than I would have written had I waited for the perfect words and the precise time and published them knowing for sure they would be well received. These words came at the cost of four failures a week.

The best baseball player in history got on base only one-third of the time.

I don’t know what you are dreaming of doing, even if it is for the Lord and through the Church, you will fail. Don’t let that stop you. Most of the lessons you teach will feel like a waste of time. Many of the programs you plan will not produce the excitement you hoped for. You may work tirelessly for months and see little to no fruit. That’s okay. Keep swinging. Because one day, it will connect. The ball will fly, and the runners will advance. You will score, and victory will be yours.

I don’t know when success will happen. I am not sure how it will happen. I promise you that if you keep coming to the plate, eventually you will get a hit. People will remember the enormous impact you had .366 of the time.

3 thoughts on “Batting .366

  1. I am always very in tune with your daily blogs. I just don’t always have time to write a reply but what you say always causes me to stop and think about my life.
    Thank you for your blog. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks Debbi. I guess I should have explained myself more. One of my posts each week will get way more hits than any of the others. I know people get something out of everything I write, but one usually appears more successful and well received simply by the numbers.
    Thanks for reading every day. 🙂

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