God, I Want to Grow, But …

I caught myself in the middle of my prayer saying words I rarely say out loud. In a moment of total honesty, I said, “God I want to grow, but …”

These words were honest because I do want to grow as a Christian person. I want to have a deeper relationship with God. I want to know my Bible better. I want to serve and give more. I want to be a Godly husband and father. I want to live for Jesus in every area of my life.

But … I finished my sentence, “Please make it easy and painless.”

I want a deeper relationship with God, but I don’t want pain and suffering to be a part of it.

I want to know my Bible, but I don’t really want to give up my free time to do it.

I want to serve and give, but I want to do it with my extra time and money.

I want to be a better husband and father if it doesn’t require me to do anything differently.

“God, I want some big things, but please make the price tag cheap.”

Unfortunately, that is not how the world works. Anything worth having comes with a high cost. It takes blood, sweat, and tears. You must feel pain before you can experience the gain. The road to deeper faith is paved with struggle and sacrifice.

I am trying to change my prayer. It is not easy. I want to say, “Your will be done, no matter what the cost.” But those are hard words to say and really mean them.

If there is one thing that builds our muscle of faith, it is to work with resistance. I would rather it come easy like a relaxing Sunday by the lake, but frequently it looks more like work clothes on a Monday morning. I hate that, but if I really want to grow then …

One thought on “God, I Want to Grow, But …

  1. Amen! I can relate to this topic so well. I want everything to be easy, but I know that nothing worth having ever comes easy.

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