Five Areas Christians Need to Focus Their Attention Continually

Some days I laugh at myself and my blog. I look back through my posts and realize I have written similar articles over and over. One reason might be my senility, but I know there is a deeper truth. I tend to repeat myself in my blogs and my sermons because there are some fundamental areas we need to be investigating and seeking growth continually.

1. God’s Great Grace for Us. We fail. We sin. We fall short of the glory of God. We wander away from the truth, and we cross boundaries we never should have crossed. We do it, and those around us do it.

We need God’s grace and love to forgive us. We need the second chance in our hearts that only Christ can provide. We need to be continually be reminded of his grace to us and those around us. A believer lives camped out in the shadow of the cross, and there we must remain.

2. Your Walk of Faith with Jesus. Simply put – are you growing as a believer? Do you know more? Are you living more of what you are learning? Are you stretching yourself to apply God’s word and will into every aspect of your life?

Each believer needs to focus on the idea of growth. Developing spiritual knowledge, depth and lifestyle should be a priority to every believer.

3. Your Relationship with Those Closest to You. How is your Christian life affecting your marriage, parenting, and grandparenting? How is your faith reflected in your life as a child, a sibling, and relative?

Christians need to focus a fair amount of time on how they are living out their faith with those closest to them. Believers should strive to be the best family member possible.

4. The Need for a Body of Christ. The last 50 years have introduced us to a new concept in the life of faith. We now believe we can live outside of the body of believers. We think we can grow in our belief independent of other Christians. I am convinced this is a lie from the depths of hell.

Christians need to connect to other believers. They help us to grow, mature and learn. They push us to become more grace-filled. They help us to minister and use our gifts. I have yet to meet a single believer in my life who I would say is showing any growth in their faith who does not attend a Church meeting regularly.

5. Sharing Your Life and Faith. Each one of us is not just called to grow and become giants in the faith, but rather we are to share our life and faith with the world. We shine our light into the darkness of our world wherever God has placed us. This might happen as we share a little piece of the kingdom of God with a cup of cold water or in the moments of leading other people toward faith. We do not walk with God for merely selfish reasons.

These five topics reappear in a hundred ways in my blogs and my sermons. I have devoted my life to teaching and leading, little did I know how much I would talk about the same things. I guess when we have all perfected these I will move on to other topics. Until then, expect more of the same.

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