Helping the Victims of Harvey

The past week has been filled with pictures of the heroic acts taking place in Texas. They have also revealed to us the devastation of the floods in many areas, especially Houston. As a believer, the immediate response is, “How can I help?” Some of us are even more specific in our question, “How can we help the Christians and the Churches in Texas?”

These are great questions, and they are not new. I vividly remember when Hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana and the desire of the Church I was serving then to help in some way.

Back then, the immediate reaction is to take things into our own hands. Let’s partner with a Church and make things happen. Some Churches collected items and took them down in an effort to show the love of Christ.

Then a sad thing happened. Many of the items had no one to distribute them. A local pastor explained that as people were rebuilding, they did not have the resources to hand out all of the donations. The end product was hundreds and thousands of items and dollars going into dumpsters.

With that in mind, I know many of my Church attendees and blog readers want to help with the recovery project in Texas. My suggestion is to support a group who is prepared to help in such a large-scale project. Many organizations exist with the sole purpose of disaster relief. They are adequately prepared to organize volunteers, money, and donations.

I am going to suggest three groups.

1. International Disaster Emergency Services
This group is a part of our brotherhood of Churches. They have been around since the year I was born in 1972. They have helped in every major disaster of the last several years and are more than prepared to help in this one.

2. Samaritan’s Purse
This group is lead by Franklin Graham and has a reputation for having over 90% of donations actually going to help people. They are the organization behind the shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child and have partnerships all over the world.

3. North American Mission Board.
This is a Baptist organization that is known for their help and compassion. I don’t know as much about this one, but it is a highly recommended resource for people looking to help.

If you are looking for a way to help the flooding victims, these are great ways to get started.

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