Three Prayers I Pray for Myself Regularly

While praying one day, I paused for a moment to realize that I tend to repeat myself every day. These are not the prayers I pray for other people and their needs; these are entirely focused on me. Here are the topics I address when I pray for myself.

1. Forgive Me. There seems to be at least one event each day that embarrasses me as a Christian. It can range from something I said to something I thought to something I saw. It may have been public, or it may have been very private. No matter what the situation I find that each day needs a prayer of forgiveness for the actions of the previous day. I am not proud of that fact, but it needs to be said. Each day I throw myself on God’s mercy through his son Jesus and his work on the cross.

2. Change Me. The Lord’s prayer in Matthew 6 says in English, “Lead us not into temptation.” It has been written that a better translation might be, “Lead us away from temptation.” This seems to be the essence of this prayer for me. God, please lead me away from my old behaviors and into a new path. Change my steps by changing my heart. I am thankful for how far I have come on this journey with God, but I still have so far to go.

3. Use Me. I am full of unrealized potential. I know God can use me in spite of my failures. I know God can do great things through me if I am available. I know I can do more for God if I were put in the right situation. Each day I want to declare my trust in his work through me. I want to demonstrate my willingness to follow God’s leading this day. I want God to use me in some way with my family, my Church and my community.

Through the years I have sought to become better at prayer. Still, I return to these three thoughts about myself. Maybe I should pray these things for you too? Possibly, you could pray them for yourself? Perhaps the best option would be if we could pray for these things for each other today and always.

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